In Media Res

25 Mar

Alas, I have decided to start blogging!

In these last 6 months, I have been living in Sydney, Australia… What an amazing place! So how did I end up there? Well in my junior year of college (“uni” as the Aussies call it), I spent a semester studying at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Since we only had 4 or 5 months to see EVERYTHING (which of course is impossible), we attempted to squeeze in as much traveling as possible over the weekends we had available. Balancing our travels with the time we also wanted to spend in Brisbane was quite difficult, but we were able to scratch a fairly decent amount off our bucket lists. During those few months, I was able to live aboard a sailboat in the Whitsunday Islands, scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef outside of Cairns (Cape Tribulation), attempt to surf in Noosa and again in Byron Bay, bungy jump the 134 meter (440 feet) Nevis Highwire Bungy in Queenstown, NZ, among loads of other amazing adventures.


However I was left with an overwhelming desire to stay longer and experience The Land Down Under in a more natural – and less frantic – state. Thus when I graduated from Vanderbilt University, I packed my bags and returned to The Land of OZ, this time stationing myself in Sydney… Coogee Beach to be precise. I was living with 2 fellow Americans, Britt (whom I became friends with while studying in Brisbane) and Dave (who went to college with Britt). I then filled my time working at The Russell Wine Bar in the historical downtown district of The Rocks while also working to achieve my PADI Divemaster scuba certification through ProDive in Coogee. I am now officially a PADI Divemaster!

feeding a blue grouper in Gordon's Bay

Since my Work and Holiday Visa only allows me to work for the same employer for a maximum of 6 months, I completed my short-lived career in Australian hospitality and journeyed home back in time to meet my new beautiful niece, Lucy Grace! It was wonderful being back in my hometown and getting to spend time long overdue with family and friends, but now I am back in Australia, ready for the 2nd half of my journey abroad. I have decided to give New South Wales a break, so I am currently taking on a new role as a proper backpacker in Western Australia with my parter-in-crime, Britt… most likely to return to Sydney once I have seen my share of WA and am in dire need of a consistent shower. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you! CHEERS!


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  1. Grace 13 April, 2011 at 7:45 AM #

    This is awesome Lucile!!!!

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