Vroom vroom

30 Mar

We got a car! Funny little blue thing, but it was 4 door, auto drive, complete with a steering wheel on the right side of the dashboard (in order to make driving on the left side of the road easier). HA! We may have favored the left side of the lane a little more than the center, but for the most part, we’re pretty good international drivers! I’m certainly getting more comfortable with all these roundabouts the Aussies have stacked on every corner! Once we got our road bearings, we met up with Chris (my Canadian friend who just moved here from Sydney) and let him take on the role as our Perth Tour Guide. First things first: lunch at Hillarys Boat Harbour. We kept it simple with Wokinabox as our choice of venue for a nice, long, casual lunch.. perfect for catching up. Then we let our food digest while we drove along the coast checking out all the amazing beaches. Sydney beaches are beautiful, but they get sooo packed with all those pesky tourists and dirty backpackers, hmph! Just kidding.. that’s me! The beaches around here are just as beautiful except they’re so spread out with only a teeny tiny fraction of the amount of visitors on them. Just as Chris predicted, Cottesloe Beach absolutely had the most beautiful people-watching. Very impressive!

Cottesloe Beach

Once we had our share of beach-time, Chris showed us around the CBD. We parked directly across from the Bell Tower and decided to give that curious looking building a better look. It was closed for the day, but the exterior was still worth examining. Just as the Sydney opera house mimics the shape of a sailboat, the Perth bell tower resembles a swan (since it is located on the Swan River after all). Our main question was – “Where are the bells?” Upon further examination, we found a few hidden behind the swans wings. There are 12 swan bells in original use, but the tower is also a home to many of Australia’s most notable bells and clocks throughout history. The white rabbit would have a hayday in that one! Or maybe Captain Hook…

The Bell Tower

It was about that time that Britt and I needed to start driving down to Margaret River, so we went for a final stroll down Perth’s main street and shopping area. Our main objective: bubble tea!!! We accomplished that mission with a severe sugar high and uncontrollable laughter. We let Chris loose on the train system, then headed south.

London Court (Perth)

As much as we were trying to catch the sun setting over the ocean, Britt and I arrived in Rockingham just after sunset.. bummer. With a strip of 4 restaurants, we walked back and forth (even sat in one) until we finally decided on the Pink Duck for our dinner and resting point. To be totally honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this small town, but the food turned out to be amazing! Britt and I shared the Brushetta entre and an eggplant, mushroom, capsicum (red peppers) and mozzarella pizza. My mouth’s watering just thinking about it. After crushing down our meal, we completed our drive to Margaret River where we wheeled in to our next YHA hostel and prepared for our day of wine, wine, and more wine!


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