Bunbury to Perth

2 Apr

Bunbury lighthouse from Rotary Lookout Tower

Today was a simple day… nothing too important that we wanted to accomplish so we did some sight-seeing around Bunbury. Being that Bunbury has a population of about 30k, there’s not a whole lot to do there. We drove by the lighthouse on McCarthy Point (which is fenced in / blocked from the public) and then made our way over to the Rotary Lookout Tower (a bicentennial city project). The tower was not very tall, but then again neither are any of the buildings in Bunbury, so you could see everything just fine.

Rotary Lookout Tower

We also drove by the dolphin center just to see what it was like. But I’m thinking Rockingham will be much more exciting in that aspect. Before leaving town, we grabbed some breakfast at Cafe 140. I ordered the Morning Glory Burger (probably because I just recently watched that movie) and it was ridiculously delicious! Buttery bread, bacon (Aussie style = more like Canadian bacon than crispy American bacon), hashbrowns, tomato, lettuce, homemade aioli sauce = 78346587 calories. And so worth it!

Cafe 140

Once we got back to Perth, we checked into the dingiest hostel we’ve been in yet (because the YHA across the street was completely booked). We dropped off the car (sad moment) and then spent the afternoon walking around Hay Street, a major pedestrian shopping area right through the CBD. Grabbed a quick beer at Moon and Sixpence because we’re a sucker for busy beer gardens. Then watched “Just Go With It” at the Piccadilly Theatre – the 1st cinema in all of Australia to instal a lift (elevator)! Yep, that was pretty much our day. Niiiiice and easyyyyy!



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