Everything Aussie in Zoo Café

13 Apr

Everyone in Broome says that so long as you do 1 thing per day, you’ve had a productive day. For some people that means a load of laundry, or a trip to the grocer, or maybe a walk around the block. Britt and I had a very lazy day of reading and swimming around the pool in the Kimberly Klub, my favorite hostel in all of Australia thus far.

The Kimberly Klub

We decided to check 1 more thing off our Broome bucket list: dinner at the Old Zoo Café. As its name suggests, the building was renovated after serving as the Pearl Coast Zoo feeding house until the zoo closed. It’s a pretty nice restaurant and we were surprised when we showed up and they allowed us to sit without reservations. Really we just lucked out because there was one small table reserved for dinner a few hours after we arrived, so they were able to squeeze us in. Hoorah!

We ordered a couple plates of appetizers (bread, mushrooms, etc), but the main reason we were there was to try the ultra-Australian sampler tray.

pearl meat, barramundi, crocodile, kangaroo, emus

1)   Pearl Meat – The abductor muscle from the Pinctada Maxima oyster that produces the famous South Sea Pearl. It was prepared in some sort of citrusy Asian style that was delicious. The meat itself had a very smooth and consistent texture, not like the slippery and chewy rock oysters I’m used to eating (but also love).

2)   Barrumundi – The quintessential Australian fish, which is usually fished at just over a meter long.. pretty big, hey! It’s a flaky white meat, and every time I eat it I end up with the same opinion: forgettable.  It was alright, but seemed a little bland in comparison to everything else on the plate.

3)   Crocodile – It sounds cliché, but any fried white meat is going to taste like chicken fingers, and this was no exception.

4)   Kangaroo – Kangaroo is one of the leanest and healthiest meats you can eat. The trick is how you prepare it though. If you cook it 30 seconds past medium rare, it will without a doubt be tough and chewy and completely non-enjoyable. This kangaroo meat was prepared smoked, so the texture itself was perfect, but then the smoky taste overtook the actual flavour of the kangaroo.

5)   Emus – Best for last. I feel like Pavlov’s dog salivating at the very thought of it. Emus is a red meat, also prepared best medium rare (like every red meat should be). This also was prepared with some sort of Asian-style sauce, which definitely hit the spot. You can bet that I will most certainly be ordering more emus steaks upon my time in Australia.

To top off the evening, we saw the cutest little tree frog outside  🙂

Australian tree frog


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