Musical Fence and Automobiles

16 Jun

If you look at the map of Winton that’s provided by the visitor information center, you’ll find a handful of different attractions in the area. Emma and I decided that we were going to spread these out across our stay in Winton so that every few days we would have something new and different to look forward to. Today we decided to venture our way to The Musical Fence. Our destination was just past the hospital and petrol station on the complete opposite side of town. And with our slow, distracted pace, it took us about 20 minutes to reach by foot.
musical fence

Ta da! The musical fence! I’m not sure quite what we expected, but we got a hard case of giggles when we saw this. It’s basically scraps of metal and containers that will make noise if you bang them.


There was a mailbox-type stand in the entrance of the musical area so we opened it up to see if anything was inside, and we discovered the drumsticks! They were cut from piping material. Perfect match.

Emma tackled the drums….

emma playing drumsI tested my talent on the… hub cap wall…

playing.. wall?

We actually had a great time! I would love to see what this looks like when the school kids are getting after it. The scrap material was situated so that they had different pitches. A great reminder that music can be found anywhere!

While we were in the music arena, if you will, we noticed a ton of old cars in the next lot, so we decided to check it out. We found ourselves at Winton’s Diamantina Heritage Truck and Machinery Museum. No one was tending the door, but there was a guest book and donation jar in the entrance for those who wanted to sneak a peek.


Here are a few of our favorites:

back and forth

This one had steering wheels on both sides so that it always moves forward, which so happens to be Australia’s motto. The country’s crest includes an emu and kangaroo because those animals only move forward as well.

trainThis reminded me of those Barbie jeeps we had as kids, except it was an actual car that was linked to the backs of other cars to create an open train. I wanna ride!

Outside we saw a road train.. very typical for Australia, though it scares me to think of driving along next to one of these in the States.

road train

It’s just like a normal trucker with extra loads draggin behind. The record for the longest road train was an Australian guy that pulled 112 trucks behind a single Mack Titan in 2006. Yikes! I doubt that would actually be road legal… not sure what the actual limit is though. The longest one I’ve seen on the road was 4 trailers deep.

Check our first 2 sites off our Winton enrichment list 🙂


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