24 Jun

Shiloh is our lucky host of today’s activity! And this time he gets ALL the Aussie Hotel barmaids. After swinging by the butcher shop to grab some unwanted scraps, we headed out toward Bladensburg National Park to one of Shiloh’s best “yabbying” spots. We stopped off at Scrammy Gorge for a quick tourist pic.

scrammy gorge

scrammy gorgeI guess it fills up with water in the wet season. Pretty rough and rocky when we were there though. Shiloh told us he’d take us snaking another time.. apparently that’s a great spot to find them. Eek!

When we got to the muddy river of choice, Shiloh started cutting up the bait for a few traps.

yabby trap

yabby trapThe idea is that the “yabbies” or crawfish will wander into the trap in search of the meat and then ideally not be able to find their way back out.

tossing the trapWe tossed a couple traps in and left them alone while we went to work on our individual catches… a much more exciting sport.

The preferred method is to tie a bit of meat onto the end of a string and drop it down onto the bottom. And wait.


Since the water’s pretty murky, you have to just bounce it around a little until you can feel a yabby latch on with their claws. Apparently they don’t even eat the meat. They just rip pieces of it off to add to their little home.. maybe for the stench? Not sure.

263508_775681166608_4982418_nWe tried a couple different methods.. pull them up quick like ripping off a bandaid and try to fling them onto the land. Or pull them up really slowly in hopes they don’t even realize they’re leaving the water. Either way, it’s really easy for them to simply let go. So it was heaps of fun trying to figure out how to keep them hanging on long enough to grab them.


262770_775681056828_6400165_nAfter awhile, the yabbies started to wise up, or maybe we were getting worse, or impatient. So we called it an arvo. We pulled up the traps and secured another handful of yabbies.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot a bad collection in my opinion! Shiloh said he usually catches more with the boys but hey, we’re newbies 🙂

Once we got back, Shiloh boiled up all our findings and we feasted on yabbies with salt and three island dressing. Slight hint of muddy water to the taste, but that’s easily forgiven. Very simple. Very good.



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